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Gunnpod Disposable Vape​

The gunnpod – vape 2000 puffs disposable device is a stylish, portable vaping device. So you can easily be held in your hand pocket or purse. It has a smoother taste and a purer flavor.

GUNNPOD Product Details​

It has a design that is very much in line with the modern youth aesthetic. The frosted casing allows you to hold it more comfortably in your hand. It is a 2000 puff disposable device, you don’t need to recharge it. You can easily activate the battery with just one puff. It has a liquid capacity of 8ml and a battery capacity of 1050 mAh, which will last for over 2000 puffs of flavor. When you’re done using your device, there’s no need to recharge or refill the liquid; just discard it!

Buying your authentic GUNNPOD vape from our online store with confidence since we get our products from a network of authorized distributors, so you do not need to worry about buying fake products on our website. We also offer extremely fast delivery time to ensure you can enjoy your GUNNPOD vape as soon as possible. The GUNNPOD has over 20 different flavors, including different sweetnesses and coolnesses. 

Delivery ​

We have a very good stock level, and you can buy any flavor you like from our website. We can also offer a free AU POST express service for orders over $150 store-wide, which will automatically apply when you check out.

How To Verify A Gunnpod Vape ​

Due to the high demand and price, the market is flooded with many fake GUNNPOD Vapes all over Australia. We have summarised how to tell the fake ones. For father details, please go to the main gunnpod page and click on How to verify a gunnpod vape to verify your products.

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