Gunnpod 2000 puffs – Strawberry Kiwi

IGET mega 3000 puffs Strawberry kiwi ice

IGET MEGA 3000 Puffs Strawberry kiwi


  • Product name: IGET MEGA Disposable vape
  • Nicotine:5%
  • Battery capacity: 1450 mah
  • Puff: 3000 puffs
  • Capacity: 10ml
  • Fully Charged Time: Not Rechargeable

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IGET Mega 3000 Puffs disposable vape is quite simple style. It’s an enormous disposable vape with a sq. column form.

it’s a thick angular mouthpiece. It’s a black half-transparent drip tip, that is reasonably cool. the first color of the part matches the flavour. They’re all bright candy-like colors. the feel is matte and comfy to the touch. On the front aspect of the body, there’s the IGET Mega disapproval at the higher half and also the flavour name at the lower half.

And on all-time low, there’s another disapproval that’s created to be clear for the light-emitting diode indicator to shine through. The size of IGET MEGA 3000 Puffs may be a ton larger than most disposable vapes. However it feels nice to carry it in your hand.

There’re little gaps wherever the vape body, the mouthpiece and also the bottom piece square measure connected. It reasonably makes the merchandise look faulty and low-cost. The design of IGET MEGA vape is extremely easy. I think that IGET didn’t place a lot of work into the layout style. However it’s okay ME|on behalf of me} since there’re alternative things concerning it that attract me.

IGET MEGA 3000 Puffs Strawberry kiwi

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